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Wheelchair Seating and Mobility
Access specializes in the assessment and prescription of seating, positioning and mobility equipment. We can help you with:
  • Manual wheelchair seating and mobility
  • Power wheelchair seating and mobility
  • Scooter prescription and training
  • Specialized power wheelchair bases and access methods and integrated environmental controls
  • Custom molded and fabricated seating and positioning equipment
  • Alternate positioning equipment (standers, beds, commodes, stretcher systems, seating other than wheelchair)
  • Pressure management including pressure mapping
Seating Services are funded through:
  • Government contract (for adults in BC with a developmental disability referred by HSCL health professionals)
  • WCB
  • ICBC
  • Private Pay
  • Long Term Care Facilities

Other Resources

For more information about the seating education we provide, go to workshops.

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Seating Brochure
For more detailed information about our seating services download our printable pdf brochure.

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