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Functional Capacity Evaluation
A one and a half day comprehensive evaluation that is used to determine the individual's current functional abilities, physical tolerances, and limitations. Objective findings and detailed interpretation are presented with our clinical opinion in a comprehensive, professionally prepared report. The functional capacity evaluation will answer questions regarding the individual's functional abilities as they relate to the work demands of the pre-injury job as well as implications for returning to work.
Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation
A one and a half day comprehensive evaluation used with individuals who have traumatic brain injuries and other diagnoses resulting in cognitive and behavioral deficits. The cognitive functional capacity evaluation is used to determine the functional impairment of an individual's memory, attention, planning, problem solving, learning, impulsivity, and tolerance for multiple demands. It then evaluates how the individual's impairment relates to their ability to consistently perform daily activities in the areas of work, self-care, and leisure.
Cost of Future Care Analysis
Injury or illness can impair an individual's ability to participate in their accustomed work and leisure activities. Functional capacity evaluation and/or cognitive functional capacity evaluation, review of medical reports, interview and home visit are used to determine the client's current abilities and limitations in performing activities of daily life. A detailed and comprehensive report is provided with cost analysis of current and future needs related to this change in function. A cost of future care analysis can be combined with a functional capacity evaluation and/or cognitive functional capacity evaluation for a comprehensive picture of the individual's current abilities and future needs.
Worksite Assessment
A visit is made to worksite and observations are made in order to obtain specific information regarding the workplace environment. It typically involves observing the worker completing work tasks as they are able when it is safe and practical to do so. Information from this assessment is used to determine whether the needs of the employer and work environment can be managed by the current abilities of the individual.
Job Demands Analysis
A job demands analysis is used to provide a clear definition of the physical and cognitive demands required for a specific job. This information is compared with results from the functional capacity evaluation and/or the cognitive functional capacity evaluation to determine whether the specific tasks of the job can be completed safely and suitably by the individual being evaluated.