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Functional Capacity Evaluation Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is used to determine a person's ability to consistently perform daily activities in the areas of work, self-care and leisure. The FCE uses a combination of interview, standardized testing, and situation specific activities, including work simulation to determine functional abilities (such as lifting), positional tolerances (for example standing or sitting) and limitations.

Typical indications for FCE testing include: determining ability to return to pre-injury employment or other job options; determining ability to perform work, leisure, self-care and household activities; making recommendations for further rehabilitation and determining if objective observations of physical effort match perceived level of disability and pain.

A summary report with detailed appendix is provided and specific questions posed by the FCE requestor are answered as possible (for example: 'Will this person be able to return to pre-injury job and what accommodations if any will be required?').
Cost of Future Care Evaluation A Cost of Future Care Evaluation can be used to determine the lifetime needs and costs of a person with a chronic illness or disability. This person might have a relatively simple injury requiring few future resources, to a catastrophic injury such as spinal cord injury (quadriplegia or paraplegia) or severe brain injury. The types of needs identified include; caregiving; health care services such as physiotherapy; adaptive equipment and orthotics; adaptive aids; medications and supplies; mobility aids such as wheelchairs; accessibility modifications; home support; housekeeping and home maintenance.

A Cost of Future Care includes a review of medical documentation, structured interview with client and in some cases their significant others, functional testing and observation of typical life skills (for example, dressing, meal preparation, mobility) home accessibility assessment, and research of costs. Standardized assessments appropriate to the disability and situation are used to strengthen recommendations. A comprehensive report with a summary chart is generated that describes the person's functional abilities now and projected into the future and what additional support they require to support optimal function and health.
Combined FCE and CFC
The FCE and CFC can be provided as separate services or as a combined service with a comprehensive combined report.

Access Community Therapists specializes in providing CFC for persons with catastrophic injury, with extensive experience in spinal cord injury.